Kinky Rootz Salon offers complimentary consultations which are REQUIRED for all first time clients. CONSULTATIONS AND FIRST TIME APPOINTMENTS ARE NOT SET ON THE SAME DAY. NO EXCEPTIONSConsultations allow a thorough assessment of your hair and scalp, and ensure the style you select is best suitable for you and your lifestyle. If the style you request is not what is best for your hair, it will not be done. Healthy hair care is of the utmost importance in the salon.

When coming to the salon for a consultation, please allot 15-20 minutes for your appointment and ensure the following:

  • Be honest! I am here to help you, and my questions let me know how to care for your hair and how to relay to you what is the best method of care for your tresses. Do not be offended about the questions I ask, the questions allow me to get a better understanding of your regimen at home or the treatment you received from previous stylists.
  • I do not perform services on individuals who have relaxer present on their hair. If you have a relaxer and do not want to perform a big chop prior to services being rendered, I cannot help you. My clients are 100% natural, with the exception of color. If you are not at the point where you want to wear your hair natural, it’s okay! Just respectfully understand I am not the stylist for you.
  • Please ensure your hair is freshly shampooed within 48 hours of your consultation appointment, and free of any products (i.e. oils, conditioners, pomades, etc.).
  • Please ensure your hair is free of any extensions. I cannot perform a consultation if you have any extensions present. If you have extensions, your consultation will be cancelled, and you will have to reschedule your appointment.
  • DO NOT BLOW DRY YOUR HAIR PRIOR TO YOUR CONSULTATION. I need to see your hair’s true texture and curl pattern. I do not blow dry hair in the salon, so I cannot thoroughly and visually assess your hair if it has been altered (straightened). If you come to the salon with your hair straightened, you will be asked to reschedule your consultation until I can see your true texture.
  • Please ensure your hair is free of any styles. I cannot perform a consultation if your hair is in a style. If you have a style, you will be asked to remove your style or reschedule your consultation appointment.
  • The salon operates by appointment only. Have a date and time of day in mind when you would like to schedule your appointment/salon service. I do not schedule consultations and appointments for services on the same day.
  • Remember, there is no charge for your consultation, but if you are requesting extension or color services, a deposit is required in order to schedule your appointment. Please ensure you are ready to pay the deposit for extension or color services at your consultation appointment. You cannot schedule an appointment for extension services until the deposit is made.

Please inquire with the salon for the deposit cost of your requested style. All deposits will be forfeited if your appointment is not maintained. If you do maintain your scheduled appointment, the deposit will apply to the cost of the service requested.